Community-Linked Services

How It Works

Services provide opportunities for individuals, organizations and businesses within our community to partner with FCNI to better serve children, youth and families

Why We Do It

  • To provide families and youth in need with safe, local affordable housing
  • To help those in care develop the lifeskills necessary to become self-sufficient
  • To help youth to develop a community-based support-system
  • To keep youth in their community and avoid homelessness or incarceration post care

The agency averages 600 volunteers annually who provide 17,500 hours of service--saving the agency around $500,000 per year.


Mentor and Intern Program
Mentoring allows community members to reach out to our clients who are in need of a healthy adult influence and Interning affords college students the opportunity to earn school credits while working at the agency.
Community Resources Development
Works within the community to acquire goods and services for children and families, as well as develop alternative sources of revenue, such as service-related enterprises, endowment, and planned giving for expanding and developing the agency’s programs.