The Decline

Jim Roberts, CEO/Founder
May, 27, 2020 -

World War II is an ugly stain on human history. Millions of lives were lost as a result of the lust for power, sick ideology, blatant disregard for the sanctity of life, and the dehumanization of others. Nonetheless, it served as a rallying point for mobilizing the USA and our allies to vanquish evil and renew a sense of stability and sanity. 

Our post-war culture was characterized by unity, hard work, economic growth, and a clearly defined moral compass. Certainly, we were far from perfect--as evidenced by bigotry and civil rights atrocities--but, we are far less of a country now than we were then. Our success and prosperity became our greatest stumbling block.

Once seen as a shining light of hope and prosperity, the US has become a country of contempt, an international laughing stock and derision.

Our people are divided amongst themselves. Morality has declined to a steady beat of deeper complacency and narcissism. Nothing is considered pure and lovely. Nothing is sacred or enduring. Not even human life. Lewdness, vileness, filthy language and character assassination have replaced kindness, decency, integrity and consideration, and it’s accepted. Filthy media programming that has demeaned the American family, making it look weak, shallow and perverse. Parents are being blinded to the horrors of sexual immorality in our once shining society.

Our children are not safe on the Internet with parents competing with pervasive moral decay and social pressures unimaginable a generation ago. Substance abuse, suicide, sexual exploitation and rampant predatory practices are no longer shrouded in darkness, but stand blatantly, boldly and shamelessly exposed.

Morality is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior. Religious teachings, one way of inculcating morality, have been under siege in our country for well over a half a century. In the name of not being judgmental, and embracing the idea that one lifestyle or set of values is just as good as any another, traditional moral absolutes have been abandoned as guiding principles.

We no longer hold people accountable for their behaviors. We accept excuses. Honesty has been supplanted by “situational ethics” and lying is now an acceptable, tolerated behavior. Our new norm says, “Whatever it takes” is okay if it helps someone reach their malicious political or economic agenda, with no concern for the wake of damage it leaves behind. Too many Americans these days are choosing to redefine the meaning of “moral” in order to justify their self-indulgent, hedonistic behaviors and lifestyles. God help us!

Our Decline runs from the top to the bottom. This is not a question of politics or party, it is morality, ethics, and appropriate conduct. We have a president who is vial, vulgar, self-centered, and divisive. He has no hesitancy in lying, name-calling, attacking others, promoting his self-interest, and blaming others. He sets the tone for what is acceptable behavior. But he’s not alone.Congress and other political leaders are no better. Churches have abandoned the “good news” and taken up a self-serving political agenda, greed and stone-throwing. By and large, the rest of us have become complacent and numb to this reality, acquiescing to that which once was reprehensible!

So how did we get here? What has triggered our Decline? Simple: we have become a “me” versus “we” focused society. In WWII, we had a singular purpose, a societal commitment to defeat evil and literally save the world! Now, we have become the victims of our own prosperity, lured into self-indulgence and blinded to the greater good of society and humanity. “We the People” has been replaced by “me the person.”

Now, don’t get me wrong–there’s a large body of individuals within our society who do have a strong moral compass, integrity, and decency, coupled with great compassion, empathy and concern for others. And within them lies our hope!

Are we able to right this ship or change directions? Honestly, I’m not sure. But there are things we can do that will make a positive difference.

First, be a true Leader by demonstrating a high standard of living, moral excellence, honesty and resistance to the forces of evil at play in our culture.

Second, passionately teach children the right way to live and protect them from cesspools of life laying in their paths, ready to consume them.

Third, be kind, loving, forgiving and accepting. Set your mind on things that are good, pure, pleasant and healthy.

Fourth, don’t be overcome by evil–overcome evil by doing good! Don’t be afraid to be ridiculed for doing what is right, but fear the consequences of acquiescing to wrongdoing.

Fifth, kick the bums out of office! Party and political ideology must be put aside and not serve as a determinant for electing our leaders. I would much rather have somebody in office with integrity and a strong moral compass, even if I disagree with their politics. Unfortunately, we live in an age where it is near to impossible to really determine someone’s character; liars prevail.

Sadly, history has taught us that every major civilization has destroyed itself from within, failing to see their own Decline. Let’s buck the odds and stop that from happening here! Let’s use our Decline as a rallying point for mobilizing our country to work together to vanquish this evil, and restore a moral code, and stability and sanity!