Give Joy!

Eryka Santoyo, FCNI Manager
December, 9, 2020 -

This year, Family Care Network launched our Give Joy fundraising campaign to raise funds to provide the children, youth and families in our care with everything they need to have a positive holiday experience. As our team was planning this campaign, setting goals, and reaching out to our community for support, I couldn’t help but reflect on the true meaning and impact of joy itself. After a very hard year, especially for the children and families we serve, there is such a need for joy and light-heartedness. Our families were hit hard by COVID-19 and were at risk of having this community crisis significantly impede their progress and growth. The Give Joy campaign not only helps FCNI and our staff ensure our families have their basic needs met and can continue on their path of healing, but it creates a space for joy and celebration when things have overwhelmingly felt dark and chaotic. ​

What’s even more special is that this “joy” is not only felt by our families, but I know it permeates throughout our community. The outpouring of support Family Care Network has received throughout this difficult year has been incredible; and this campaign has been no different! The messages we have received from donors and our community are ones filled with hope, care and compassion, and, above all else, joy to be involved and do what they can to support those in need.​

Giving and having joy is important. It’s necessary. Joy lifts us up and helps us feel whole. ​

As I sit here reflecting on this campaign, I too feel the power of that joy. I know how much joy it brings me to be able to work so hard to help raise funds that can provide that same feeling to the children, youth and families we serve. I want that feeling for them, especially this holiday season, as families are dealing with the continuous effects of the pandemic on top of the already difficult emotional and financial stress the holidays bring. Playing this small role in connecting our community with our children and families pays me endless dividends.​

There is a strong undercurrent of gratitude that fuels the work I do, but that current always grows stronger during the holidays. I have shared before that when I was younger, my family received similar support for the holidays during an incredibly difficult time in our lives, and I have never forgotten the feelings of excitement, relief, and joy my family and I felt. Those feelings never leave you. They hold permanent residence inside you, and, for me, fuel my passion to do what I can to ensure others in need get to feel these feelings too. That is what our community is giving our families when they support Give Joy.​

Our Give Joy campaign is about so much more than making a donation and providing financial support. By supporting Give Joy, you are creating light in the dark, helping local children and families feel loved, valued and empowered, and giving them so much joy.

Give Joy this holiday season, and donate to local children, youth, and families in need today by clicking here