Have you Heard about the FAM?

Eryka Santoyo, FCNI Manager of Resources Engagement
February, 24, 2021 -

Family Care Network’s mission is to “enhance the wellbeing of children and families in partnership with our community.’ If we didn’t partner with our community, we would not be able to provide the full array of services that we do. As such, we offer a variety of opportunities for the community to partner with us, and each one has a direct and positive impact on the lives of those we serve. 

One of our newest opportunities is our FAM monthly giving club. We recently launched the FAM (Financial Assistance Monthly) in an effort to demonstrate the needs of our clients in real time to our community so that they could commit to helping us meet them, and thus directly help our youth and families heal and succeed. By donating as little as $5 a month, our FAM donors meet needs that if left unfunded would become barriers for those in our care. And barriers become roadblocks to the progress and success of our families and youth, keeping them in care longer and further away from self-sufficiency, family reunification and independence. 

FAM members not only maximize the positive impact they can make, but they also enable us to fund our children and families’ urgent and ongoing needs, better ensuring their long term success. A hundred percent of monthly donations go directly to help our clients--including youth ages 14-21, who are in foster care or are exiting foster care--making it possible for them to have the support and resources they need to build strong foundations and develop critical life skills such as budgeting, job readiness, as well as other needs such as security deposits for housing, basic furnishing and appliances, and required school or work supplies.

We are so grateful that our community has responded so well to our new FAM donor opportunity. It is encouraging to see them realize the impact of their gifts and to have them share their positive experiences with us, so that we can then share their impact with our community and encourage others to join them in choosing to Be the Difference for local children and families in need!

Simone Viola is a new member of FAM, and below she graciously shares her personal reflection on why being a FAM member is so rewarding:

“I first heard about Family Care Network, Inc. (FCNI) through my daughter, who works for FCNI.  Our family is very proud of her nonprofit work and we like to support her in her efforts to support others. We value that FCNI has programs that help youth transitioning out of foster care and individuals impacted by unmet mental health needs, plus many more supportive services. 

My first direct experience with a child in the foster care system came about when I was thirteen.  I was attending a camp in Malibu, California at the time. One of the girls in my group was from Ontario, CA. She let us know right away that she was a foster youth  While we lay in our bunk beds after lights out, she would relay stories of how she had moved from home to home and how difficult it was for her. She most definitely did not have the same privileged upbringing as the rest of us. She would be going home to many challenges after she left this wonderful camp.

Like my parents instilled in me, I believe that donating on a monthly basis ensures a steady and consistent flow of funds to families and children in our local community. My husband and I recognize how costly it is to live in this area and to find affordable housing, but we know that FCNI is helping families and youth who are at-risk of homelessness to find affordable housing and all that is necessary to obtain that. I choose to give monthly because it is so easy to set-up recurring donations and giving a smaller amount of money spread out over the year is easier to manage. What could be more important than helping youth and families who are experiencing poverty and unhealed mental health issues?”

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about FCNI’s FAM, click here!