Jim Roberts, Founder and CEO
March, 26, 2019 -

As we conclude National Social Worker Appreciation Month, I would like to present another picture of the Family Care Network, and the environment in which our Social Workers and other clinical staff operate. As a Human Service Organization, how we SERVE is mission-critical. But for us this term has a double entendre, SERVE is also an acronym for the domains that define how we serve, plan, evaluate and implement important changes. In essence, SERVE is the framework that supports the Family Care Network.

Our first domain is Superior Programs. We strive to establish and maintain Superior Programs and Services; this effort is not optional! We define Superior Programs as those which:

  • Are based on evidence-based/informed, best, or promising practices, which tangibly demonstrate excellent outcomes and results. It is our goal to always do what is the very best intervention to benefit our clients
  • Are Nationally Accredited – we are accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation, the “gold standard” of program accreditation for behavioral health providers
  • Are delivered with integrity, meeting the highest levels of industry standards, with clearly defined, easily understood policies and procedures
  • Maintain qualified staff, sufficient for proper performance and supervision
  • Are properly funded and utilize every available resource required to meet client needs
  • Recognized outside the agency for their excellence and accomplishments

Our second domain is Excellent Tools, ensuring that agency staff are provided the work environment, facilities, equipment, technology, infrastructure and support needed to most effectively and efficiently serve clients. This includes:

  • Providing up-to-date, well-functioning, computers, equipment, vehicles, et cetera, needed to perform their duties at the highest level of efficiency
  • Maintain the most efficient software and information management systems to minimize end-user time, while maximizing direct services time
  • Maximizing the use of technology and innovation to the greatest extent possible
  • Maintaining safe, adequate, appropriately furnished, trauma-supporting facilities and workspace
  • Providing excellent, effective communication channels to disseminate information and solicit feedback
  • Training staff to most effectively utilized the tools available to them

Maintaining a Reputation of Integrity is Family Care Network’s third operational domain. As an organization funded by public funding and private donations, and dependent on community integration for foster parents, volunteers, sponsors, donors, tutors, et cetera, we want to be seen in the best light. To promote a Reputation of Integrity, we are committed to:

  • Being the very best stewards of the resources we receive
  • Maintain the highest level of Accountability and Visibility
  • Maintain robust Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement systems and practices
  • Routinely audit for program and accreditation fidelity, as well as regulatory, legal and policy compliance
  • Promote excellent communications with our partner organizations, clients, consumers and our community, and effectively use social media and agency literature to inform the public
  • Promote collaboration, partnerships and integration with key stakeholders

The next domain in our SERVE structure is that we Value People. We have a mission to “enhance the well-being of children and families…” because we value each individual we serve, and work very hard to make their lives as successful as is possible. Additionally, people are our most valuable resource in accomplishing this mission! Thus, having a workforce of qualified, trained and well-supported individuals is essential. We demonstrate our Value People efforts through:

  • Well-planned and executed staff recruitment to support every component of Family Care Network’s operations
  • Comprehensive and thorough staff development and training, at all levels of agency involvement
  • Maintaining an environment which encourages staff feedback, empowerment, support and creativity
  • Ongoing Risk Management assessment, planning and practices
  • Exercising the best Customer Relationship Management
  • Maintaining the highest level of Esprit de Corps and group synergy
  • Demonstrating Cultural humility, inclusiveness, effectiveness and sensitivity

Finally, we get to our last domain, Eyes on the Future. I believe one of the significant strengths of the Family Care Network over the years is been our ability to have Vision, Imagination and a planning process that continually looks towards our future. Our organization is strongly committed to maintaining a dynamic, flexible, healthy, growing organization which is able to meet changing community needs and an ever-changing human services environment, including changes in law and regulations; adapt quickly to practice improvements and strategies; and provide leadership within our industry. Plus, our goal is to maintain a fiscally strong and viable organization well into our future. We will keep our Eyes on the Future by:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive Adaptive Strategic Planning process to guide us in making practice improvements and future decisions
  • Maintaining a very involved Board of Directors committed to our mission, services to the community and fiscal viability
  • Maintaining aggressive, effective Community Resource Development operations
  • Participate with regional, state and national organizations that provide strategic information and a view of potential future trends and initiatives, as well as a platform for proactively influencing change through strategic advocacy
  • Ensuring Strong, effective Leadership throughout the organization

The Family Care Network was created to SERVE our Community. While Serving reflects the heart of the organization, as I have described, to SERVE has also become an institutionalized, embedded system which drives the organization each and every day, in all that we do. If you have a heart to SERVE, come join our organization – we have multiple opportunities to strengthen our community together. #be4kids #bethedifference