May Flower Project

Sarah Davenport, FCNI Director

Our mission clearly states how critical community support is to the work we do. Every dollar we receive, every person who gives their time, energy, skills or heart towards our work, makes a difference in the ability of our children, youth and families to achieve their goals. While we know that it “takes a village” to raise a child, that same kind of village is needed to help fractured families reunify and strengthen, and foster youth gain the skills and confidence needed to become successfully self-sufficient. It takes so many people to rally around those impacted by trauma so that healing can occur--family, friends, professionals, supportive groups--we are always so grateful that our community cares for one another in such profound ways.

Many local businesses in our community have also found ways to support our youth and families in their own unique ways. We have businesses that offer up memberships so that our youth have healthy outlets like working out or learning to surf. And then there are others that help our families learn how to set up bank accounts, balance a checkbook or set a monthly budget. These types of partnerships are vital to those in our care, as they not only demonstrate how important they are to their own community members but they also are given more life skills development opportunities which directly impacts their progress in care. 

The Mountain Air is a local business who have found unique supportive ways to help our mission. They not only have held generous fundraising events to benefit FCNI, but they recently invited our youth to participate in designing and executing a community art project, enabling her to express herself in a safe and encouraging environment. Below, we talked to Josh and Lindsey Haring of The Mountain Air to learn more about why they support us and why they chose our youth for this very special art project. 

Why do you and The Mountain Air support Family Care Network?

In our business and lives, we often quote Paul Wellstone, “We all do better when we all do better.” The Mountain Air supports Family Care Network because of the important work they do to elevate families and children in need, to create a community where the most vulnerable have access to support and opportunities to thrive. We want to help build and be part of that kind of community.  

In your own words, what message did you want your May Flower window display to relay or communicate?

I think we hoped, like other participating businesses, to showcase the beauty of community collaboration. We participated in Downtown SLO’s May Flower Initiative last year and were inspired by the mission to come together and create something beautiful during such a hard time.

Why did you select Family Care Network to participate in the May Flower Initiative?

When the time came to select an artist, we wanted to collaborate with someone who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to showcase their creativity. We donated to Family Care Network during the 2020 holiday season and thought they would have a connection to youth who 

might be interested in the experience. FCNI staff Eryka and Jazzlynne were helpful throughout the whole process, from connecting us to the artists and tracking their process, to being part of the window install. We hoped it would be an exciting and enriching opportunity for FCNI clients to express their creativity and showcase their talent.  

What was it like meeting Miranda [the artist] for the first time? What was your impression of her?

Miranda was a pleasure to work with. With the help of Jazzlynne and Kaitlyn, she created a vibrant window display featuring handmade and hand sewn flowers. They chose the color scheme, merchandise, and overall setup of the window display. We are so proud of her leadership and beautiful work! 

Thank you, Josh and Lindsey, for being such supportive community members and business owners! And thank you, Miranda, for your courageous and creative work! 


For more information on how you can support our mission, please visit or call (805) 781-3535.