Run for a Reason at the 12th Annual Miracle Miles for Kids

Many reasons. Many miles. All for the love of kids.
January, 13, 2015 -

We started Miracle Miles for Kids (MM4K) to raise funds to help our agency meet the crucial needs of children and families impacted by trauma. What it grew into over the last 12 years has been such a beautiful and heartwarming surprise.

The race has something for everyone

The course, a beautiful stretch of 6.2 miles on the Central Coast of California, gathers kids, families, strollers and, of course, the barefoot and serious athletes. The hard packed sand is challenging, but the view of the crashing waves as you follow along coastline cannot be topped.  The diverse group of walkers and runners are unified by a larger sense of purpose. You see, our participants, their miles trekked in training and letter writing campaigns, do so to enhance the wellbeing of children and families served by FCNI. What better reason is there to run?

This special event impact others’ lives in remarkable ways

In 2012, we met Heather Cargill, a local mom of two, under difficult circumstances. Heather’s beloved brother, Jesse, had died in a tragic accident and Heather was looking for a way to honor and celebrate his life. Jesse had cared deeply about children, and had expressed hopes of one day becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Heather decided to run MM4K in honor of his life, and raised money for children in need in our community in his brother’s name. She signed up for the race with her two year old son, but soon she had a team of family members registered as well—they wouldn’t let her go it alone. Heather’s family wore TEAM JESSE shirts, raised funds and when they all crossed the finish line, they embraced in one big family hug. After three years, TEAM JESSE’s participation in MM4K has become a tradition; the family pulling together to not only support FCNI’s children and families but to continue to honor their Jesse. The original team of two has grown to a team of 30, and it is still growing! 

When we asked Heather what her favorite memory of MM4K was she quickly said, “I love coming across the finish line with my family at the pier, the very pier where my brother’s, whom I fundraise in honor of, ashes were spread; the sunlight shining through the clouds and all the happy faces cheering us on. There was no warmer feeling in my heart, like he was right there with us saying ‘Right on, go sis, keep remembering me and giving back in my memory.’  Life comes full circle and I don't forget it. It’s a very personal journey for me every year and it means more than anyone will ever know. I feel so lucky that the Family Care Network has given me such a meaningful platform to remember Jesse.”

And then there’s Giovanna, an eight year MM4K veteran and just 80 years young. She found our race when she was looking for a way to serve her community and be active. When she found MM4K, she had already completed several half and full marathons, but she was looking for something with more meaning. And we are forever grateful that she’s dedicated her energy to Miracles Miles. “This is my most favorite race and I love inspiring seniors to get off the couch and be active,” said Giovanna. Giovanna has definitely had her share of experience in her 20 years of running. Yes, your math is correct. She picked up running when she was 62 years young!

Are you convinced you can handle the challenge yet?

  • Any age and experience level can do this race.
  • You can walk it. You can run or sprint it.
  • You can even ride in a stroller if you want. Many kids do.
  • No excuses!

This race is special. Crossing the finish line will be so gratifying. Your participation means we can enhance the lives of local children and families impacted by trauma. What better motivation is there?
Be a part of the 3,000 miracle supporters that join us year after year, and find your own Reason to Run.

Join us on May 9, 2015 at Morro Rock

Early Bird Rate available until 2/14.  Register now.