Jim Roberts, CEO
June, 28, 2018 -

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Best Selling Author – Joel A. Barker.

I’ve always found it rather interesting how many people just live in the “here and now,” with little foresight or thought about the future. How sad to see folks just trudge along, day after day, without a sense of anticipation, aspirations, and no remarkable pursuits – no VISION! That is not living, that’s drudgery.

I’m not sure where it came from, if I’m just genetically wired or predisposed, if it was programmed into me by my mother, or if I just got lucky, but I always been driven by imagination, big dreams and VISION. And I am glad for it; This approach has certainly made my life exciting, rich and fulfilling. Sure, pursuing one’s VISION is a process of trial and error, success and failure, joy and disappointment – buoyed on by persistence, tenacity and hope. I’ve become a firm believer that, “a people without a vision will surely perish.” Besides, like Walt Disney said, “It is great fun to pursue the impossible…”

VISION is not always grandiose, nor does it need to be, it can be a simple aspiration. For me, VISION is a mental photograph of what one would like to be, see or experience in the future. VISION is a pathway to something better, something different, something challenging and/or something exciting. VISION and HOPE are inseparable; without them, we become stagnant and lost. The following is a few thoughts I have about the value of having a VISION.

VISION provides direction and a sense of purpose. Whether it be for an individual, for an organization or for a country, we all need a motivating target to keep moving ahead. If you do not have a VISION of who you want to be, how you want to succeed or what you want out of life, you begin to lack drive and your life becomes just an order of meaningless events.

VISION not only provides a photograph of the future, direction and purpose, but it gives us a photograph of the past showing us how much we have changed, how things have changed and how life has changed – hopefully all for the better. A VISION that is well defined helps you to focus and create a purpose that becomes your measurement for your success.

VISION provides an unique opportunity for transformation and empowerment. As we pursue our VISION--our goals, dreams, aspirations--we force ourselves to take action, to change; in essence, to transform into someone different. This motivation holds true as well for every organization – strong organizations have bold VISIONS. Also, when one takes action towards a vision, it is self-empowerment; it strengthens our inner character, and builds resolve, tenacity and, most especially, resiliency.

A VISION will help you to overcome obstacles on your journey and helps you to hold on and persevere when times are tough. You don’t have to live too long to understand life is not smooth sailing, a straight path or without challenges--these realities are a given. VISION helps you not to be derailed by life’s adversities, but, rather, to keep you tenaciously moving past them towards seeing your VISION fulfilled.

A VISION can be used in two different ways: for inspiration and for prediction. VISION can be first used to inspire you in reaching something that you are wanting, needing or imagining; as well as used for predicting and anticipating changes in your future and interests. Whenever you have a VISION for the future, it means that circumstances, attitudes, requirements, activities, et cetera, must change in order to fulfill that dream. Yes, the more you are inspired, the more you can anticipate and predict the changes needed to fulfill your aspirations.

Yes, VISION is a powerful way to keep you focused on what you want to accomplish in life while keeping you motivated in achieving it. VISION will open up your mind to many possibilities and a brighter and bigger future. When you can envision a future that is better, happier, more productive, you are more likely to make the changes that are necessary for you to reach that type of life.

Just like VISION chooses our direction in life, it also chooses our friends and the company we keep. People are attracted and spend time with people who have a VISION and who are disciplined in their VISION. We normally do not hang or associate ourselves with people who do not know where they are headed in life, at least not for too long because of the time that is being wasted. And let us be honest, it is mentally draining and frustrating being around people who do not understand where they want themselves to be or how to get there.

How we spend our time is all connected to our VISION. If our VISION is important to us, the time we spend pursuing it will reflect it. This principal is really that simple, but because it’s so simple, we often try to overcomplicate it. In order to reach your goal and purpose, the time you spend will determine your actions to achieve your VISION. It’s no different from any disciplined athlete that we admire in sports. When something is really important to you – you are going to exert all of your energies, much of your time and emotion towards achieving that dream. Conversely, if we want to change who we are, our activities, habits or lifestyle we need to change our VISION!

VISION does a lot of things for us once we realize the value and power of “VISIONING.” Not only does VISION decide our friends and how we spend our time, but it also creates our habits. Your to-do list is created by your VISION and it tells you exactly what you will do, which will, over time, create your habits. Anyone who has a VISION, whatever that might be, will eventually create habits that will prepare him or her toward that VISION.

It goes without saying, we live in rather dark, foreboding times which can be overwhelming and create a pervasive gloom overshadowing and clouding our lives. But we can change this--right now is no better time to employ the power and mechanisms of VISION! Despairing, complaining, becoming complacent or sequestering oneself from life accomplishes absolutely nothing. VISIONING is a process of looking past immediate circumstances by creating that mental picture, photograph as it would be, to take us to new, better places. VISION is the substance of HOPE which is truly transformative.

Let each of us work together to “transform this world” through our VISION and ACTION!