The Therapeutic Parent

A How-To Handbook For Parents Providing Therapeutic Foster Care

The Therapeutic Parent will not only help the beginner foster parent navigate the complex system of foster care, but it will also further develop the skills of more seasoned foster parents. In addition to providing useful information on foster care regulations and the do's and don'ts of foster care parenting, it will also give parents practical approaches to common parenting issues as well as how to best meet the unique needs of a traumatized foster child. The Therapeutic Parent is a great resource for not only Professional Foster Parents, but also for parents, social workers, educators, case managers, probation officers, therapists and other individuals invested in caring for foster children. This Handbook covers topic areas ranging from becoming a foster parent, understanding regulations and risk management strategies, to how to manage very challenging behaviors, work with treatment teams, transition youth to independence while maintaining a healthy, nurturing home and good self-care.

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Skills for Life Book is a time-tested, results-producing workbook designed to successfully guide youth and adults to self- sufficient, independent living. Developed by the Family Care Network, Skills for Life Book is a unique, practical and effective, evidence-based workbook and has been a great resource for Transitional Age Youth, families, parents, Social Workers, educators, Case Managers, Probation Officers, therapists and other individuals helping young adults and families achieve independence. This workbook provides a step-by-step guided journey through nine areas of life with practical, achievable activities under each chapter. The Handbook also includes web-based resources to help complete the journey towards independence, making this a very comprehensive life skill building program. Everyone who successfully completes the Skills for Life Book will be well prepared for a successful, productive and self-sufficient life.

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