Addional Resources

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  • Resume and Cover Letter:


  • Sample Rental Agreement:

    Go to and select your state to see sample Rental Applications and Rental Agreements for your area

  • Questions to Ask a Landlord:

    Go to and search "questions to ask a landlord before signing a lease"

  • Credit & Loan information

    Go to click RESOURCES and search keyword "credit" or "loans" (depending on the topic)

  • Intimate Partner Violence resources and information, including the effects of domestic violence on children. Select the “About Abuse” tab at the top of the page to navigate multiple resources.

  • Conflict Resolution in the workplace and other employment related information. Search “Conflict Resolution.”

  • Resources for Fathers and select the “For Dads” tab at the top of the page. Provides a list of resources spanning from pregnancy to legal services to promote responsible fatherhood regardless of the socioeconomic background.