The Family Care–Connection

Jim Roberts
September, 8, 2014 -

About twenty six years ago, a group of us sat around discussing how we should be telling our story and communicating better to our foster families and community. Mind you, two plus decades of technology evolution seems like a century – so back then the newsletter was the avant-garde communications tool! Voila, the “Family Care-Connection” was born. And, this was to be no ordinary newsletter; this was to become a tapestry of creativity, with information artfully woven into an entertaining monthly masterpiece. The results were rather amazing, definitely overwhelming and costly, but also really fun and effective. This newsletter turned into a mini-magazine, replete with information such as:

  • Parenting Help
  • Agency Best Practices
  • Events
  • Public Policy
  • Staff and Partners
  • A series called the “Matters Family” (a nice play on words) with hand drawn characters telling therapeutic stories.

But time changes all things, and the Family Care-Connection continued, but not with the same intensity or bravado as its genesis. Right now, it’s in a slump, feeling a bit tired and confused!

Flash forward to 2014, and a group of us are again sitting around discussing how we should be telling our story and better communicating with the myriad of folks we are networked with in this instant communications, techno-culture. Voila, the “Family Care-Connection” is reborn! No, we aren’t going to start producing mini-magazines again; instead, we are going to leap onto the high-speed technological communications bullet train, communicating via:

  • Blogging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Video
  • Email
  • Our website

These different platforms will form our new tapestry for creativity, weaving our story of an amazing, caring community networked together with the Family Care Network to positively impact the lives of children, youth and families on the Central Coast.

You can look forward to these features coming your way:

  • Stories of Changed Lives
  • Parenting Tips
  • Opportunities to “Be the Difference”
  • Opinions
  • Agency and Industry News
  • Featured Partners
  • Advocacy Needs
  • Other valuable information

If you have a story to tell or information to share, let us know about it. There will be daily social media posts, weekly blogs and ad hoc info blasts. We will even be producing a regular printed newsletter for those who really like to hold and read something.

It all seems a little daunting doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t our goal to overwhelm folks with a bombardment of Family Care Network news and information. Rather, look at it as a very full smorgasbord from which you can pick whatever you feel like consuming. It is our objective to keep our broad-based network informed and able to experience the joy and enthusiasm we feel every day when we see the positive impact so many are contributing to – real changed lives!

After 27 years, we have accomplished wonderful outcomes, which gives us great anticipation and hope for what lays before us. It is still all about our mission, “to enhance the wellbeing of children and families in partnership with our community.” Improving our communications, visibility and success story telling will only improve our ability to serve those in need. We will keep you informed, entertained and motivated – enjoy!