FCNI Celebrates 25 Years of Serving the Central Coast Community!

August, 14, 2012 -

August marks the 25th year that the Family Care Network has been serving foster and high-needs children, youth and families in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Since our inception, FCNI has achieved many amazing outcomes, established vital community partnerships and worked diligently towards achieving our mission of enhancing the lives of children and families we serve. As we look back on these last 25 years, we do with a deep sense of accomplishment, but also a tremendous sense of gratitude to thousands of community members who have helped along the way. We are also more passionate than ever to provide the highest quality of care to as many children, youth and families we can. We thank you, our Central Coast community, for supporting us in all of our endeavors—you have worked with us, believed with us, fundraised with us, dreamed with us and combined your efforts with ours to improve the lives of countless foster and high-needs children and families. We look forward to serving alongside of you for another 25 years.

The following is a snapshot of our 25 years of work. We know that none of these facts could have been achieved without the support of you, our generous community.

The Family Care Network was incorporated on August 21, 1987 as a California public-benefit, nonprofit organization.
Since FCNI’s inception, the agency has served over 9,400 children, youth and families.
The Family Care Network is the largest private therapeutic foster care provider between Santa Clara and Ventura Counties, having certified over 285 foster families in the last 25 years.
Over 4,400 volunteers and 570 mentors, interns and tutors have served at FCNI.
45 individuals or couples have served on the Family Care Network’s Board of Directors.
Over 89% of the FCNI’s annual budget has been used to provide direct services to children, youth and families.
The Family Care Network has three employees with over 15 years of service; 14employees with over 10 years of service; and 34 employees with over five years of service.
In the last 25 years, FCNI has added $50 million in payroll to the local economy.
The Family Care Network has provided foster parents $16.25 million to care for children and youth.

10.  Using industry accepted indicators, the agency has had an almost 89% total average success rate (e.g., successful family reunification, diverted from a higher level of care, diverted from the juvenile justice system, successfully transitioned to adulthood, et cetera) compared to the industry standard success rate of between 60-70%.

11.  On February 1, 2006, FCNI became the first accredited Foster Family Agency, Family-Based Services and Mental Health Services provider based on California’s Central Coast.

12.  The agency provides only evidence-based, promising practice or best practice programs and services.

13.  FCNI was one of the first agencies in California to provide Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care (1998), Wraparound Services (2000), Therapeutic Behavioral Services (1999), and to be licensed as a Transitional Housing Placement Provider (1999).

14.  The Family Care Network currently serves an average of 400-500 children, youth and families per month, and 1000-1200 per year through 17 programs.

15.  FCNI’s services include intensive therapeutic foster care, transitional housing services, family-based family-preservation services, children’s in-home mental health services, school-based services, delinquency prevention/treatment services, mentoring/tutoring services, early intervention and prevention services, outpatient counseling and community-linked services.

16.  The Family Care Network has been a California certified MediCal-Mental Health services provider since 1999.

17.  The agency has developed strategic partnerships with nearly 50 County and Community-based agencies.

18.  65 businesses have partnered with FCNI, helping us to enhance the lives of those we serve in our community.

19.  Over the past ten years, agency staff and volunteers have driven around 1,000,000 miles per year serving children, youth and families throughout San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.                                                                              

20.  In the last nine years, over 15,600 community members have participated in FCNI’s Miracle Miles for Kids, running/walking 96,804 miles in an effort to enhance the lives of children and families living on the Central Coast.

21.  FCNI has showcased over 300 local restaurants, dessert establishments, breweries and wineries at the Taste of the Central Coast events in the past ten years.

22.  FCNI executive staff have played a substantial role in the development of statewide policy and programs positively effecting children and youth, including: SB1380 – Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care; the Transitional Housing Placement-Plus Program (THP+); TBS Program and Documentation Manuals; SB 163 Wraparound Services Standards: AB12 - THP+ Foster Care Program; and the Katie A Settlement–Therapeutic Foster Care Program Model.

23.  The Family Care Network has successfully secured debt-free transitional housing unitsable to serve up to 50 transitional age youth and dependents, located in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and Santa Maria/Orcutt.

24.  Throughout FCNI’s 25 year history, all financial statement audits and/or reviews have been free of material misstatement, confirming they are reliable, true and fair.

25.  And in its 25th year of operations, thanks to generous support from the community, the Family Care Network was able to purchase 2.5 acres and begin the process of building new administrative headquarters in San Luis Obispo.