Words From Our Board

September, 7, 2011 -

Words from our Board of Directors


It is clear to me that our institutions are failing to meet the responsibilities for which they are responsible. I have no diagnoses for the disease, but the symptoms can be seen all around: overcrowded prisons; welfare that doesn’t make anyone well and isn’t fair; medical care too costly even if it is free to the patient; and waste and inefficiency in every agency. In this environment, some of the least able to survive or prosper are living their lives with virtually no support from society. They are starving for hope. The stage is set; enter the Family Care Network.

I was asked to join the board by a man who I admire for his sincerity, intelligence and character: Jim Roberts, CEO of FCNI. He is a scholar of the Bible, an excellent teacher and a good friend. When asked to be a part of the network he leads, I could not say “no” without calling into question my own knowledge of the Bible and the way of life to which it commends us. We are not called upon to buy new coats, we are told to lay down the ones we have. We are not shown the way of holding back; we are shown that true giving might take us down to our last dollar. I struggle daily with the possessions I have when I know others do not have clean water to drink, and I feel humbled by my many blessings when I realize how others are so much in need. My service to FCNI is truly a small sacrifice when compared to the things I have been given, and I see it as an opportunity to learn as much as to serve.

The Family Care Network provides a safety net for families in crisis, providing an atmosphere of calm concern, professional counseling and skilled placement services for times when families are in desperate need due to various crises. The agency’s goals are to protect and serve those placed in its care, with leading principles based on biblical principles. It is fantastic to be a part of such an organization, and fulfills my need to be part of Gods working.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had a life filled with opportunity, freedom to pursue my dreams and to recognize the presence of God’s grace keeping me afloat when I was drowning. If I can somehow give back to others some of the kindness and love shown to me over the past 66 years, I will consider it a blessing I wasn’t expecting. God is full of surprises.