Do we have a choice regarding who is placed in our home?

Before a family is contacted with a referral, the Family Care Network carefully considers the abilities and preferences expressed by each foster family and the specific needs of the child at the time.

  • Before becoming a Foster Parent you will be asked your preference regarding the age and gender of the child you feel most comfortable caring for.  
  • You will receive as much information as is available about each child so you can better understand the child’s needs.  
  • Please note: It may not always be possible to meet the child before placement. On occasion a placement coordinator can request this meeting if you ask for one 
  • Foster parents are encouraged to ask questions and express their feelings before taking a placement. 
  • Our goal is to keep children in as few placements as possible, but we appreciate a thoughtful decision even if you say “no” to the placement 
  • The final decision for placement is made by the clinical supervisor with the approval of the foster parents and the foster child.


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