What type of training will I receive?

  • Orientation to Foster Parenting
  • The Family Care Training—Improve effective communication
  • Pro Act—Crisis de-escalation techniques
  • CPR/First Aid/Community Water Safety
  • Confidentiality/HIPAA  
  • Building Self-Esteem

Additional training after certification include:

  • Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care Training (ITFC) which involves 20 hours of study materials, including CDs, DVDs and reading material to be reviewed on your own time.

Specialty foster care programs include:

  • Up to ten hours specific training from a program supervisor

Ongoing training includes 24 hours per year of classes and self study combined. Foster parent training is also offered through the Department of Social Services, community colleges, and other agencies. Books, audio tapes and video tapes may be checked out at Family Care Network.


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