What about the educational needs of the children?

The Family Care Network Education Coordinator assists the foster parents in enrolling the child in a public educational program suited to his/her educational needs. Once the child is enrolled, it is the foster parent’s responsibility to supervise the child’s attendance and monitor his/her progress. Agency staff maintain on-going communication with the school, teachers to help keep the child on-track academically and behaviorally. The agency can also provide the student with a volunteer tutor if needed.


Can I take a foster child to my place of worship?

The Family Care Network encourages you to include the foster child in your family’s acidities, including religious activities. The child has the right to attend a church of his/her choosing or to refuse to participate in any religious activity. Every effort is made by the agency’s staff to place children in homes compatible with their belief system. 

Do the children have contact with their biological/adoptive parent(s)?

Reunification/permanent placement is the law; however, the process is often slow and thoughtful. When it is appropriate for a foster child to have visits with his/her biological family, agency’s staff will coordinate the visits. Usually, the progression moves from supervised visits to approved unsupervised visits, to overnight or longer visits. The names and addresses of our foster parents always remain confidential. 



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