Will I need to provide the child with his/her own bedroom?

Foster children are not required to have their own bedroom, but

  • State regulations require that ONLY TWO children may occupy one room.
  • Children must be of the SAME gender if they are over five years old and sharing a room. 
  • Each child needs his/her own bed, dresser and sufficient closet space. 
  • A foster child MAY NOT share a room with an adult unless they are under age two

How long is placement?

The length a child is in a foster home is determined on an individual basis, but most FCNI foster placements are less than one year. We want our Foster Parents to make at least a one year commitment, but some foster parents choose to permanently adopt their children. 


What if the placement is not successful?

Placements are made carefully to reduce moving the children multiple homes. However, there are times when placements require adjustments for the benefit of the child and/or the foster family.  FCNI staff will work closely with those involved in implementing the best possible solution including a change of placement when necessary. 

What type of training will I receive?

  • Orientation to Foster Parenting
  • The Family Care Training—Improve effective communication
  • Pro Act—Crisis de-escalation techniques
  • CPR/First Aid/Community Water Safety
  • Confidentiality/HIPAA  
  • Building Self-Esteem

Additional training after certification include:

  • Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care Training (ITFC) which involves 20 hours of study materials, including CDs, DVDs and reading material to be reviewed on your own time.

Specialty foster care programs include:

What qualities do you look for when selecting a foster parent?

  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Willingness to learn new parenting techniques and participate in ongoing training
  • Sensitivity to ethnic, religious and cultural diversity
  • Be emotionally stable and free from drug and alcohol problems
  • Willingness to work with a wide range of needs and behaviors in a positive, constructive manner
  • Ability to show empathy to children with diverse needs
  • Ability to provide well defined structure
  • Provide stimulating activities for children


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