Foster Care Since our inception in 1987, we have served 2,823 foster children/ youth in Foster Care with 94% of placement days purchased having had successful outcomes, based on: • Stable foster placement • Reunification with family • Successful transition to independent living • Permanent family placement • Successful transitional placement emergency Shelter Care We have provided San Luis Obispo County Emergency Shelter Care— immediate foster care available 24 hours per day, seven days per week for abused, neglected or disrupted youth—since August, 2000. Since the program’s inception, 3,350 foster children/youth have been served and 89% of placement days purchased had successful outcomes based on the following: • Stable foster placement • Reunification with family • Successful transition to independent living • Permanent family placement • Successful transitional placement ivan Ivan’s family just couldn’t get things right. His parents, aunts and uncles all struggled with something, and all of their struggles made it unsafe for him to live with them. At 17, Ivan had already lived in a lot of different homes with different family. So when he entered FCNI’s Shelter Care program again after a failed attempt living with his Aunt, Ivan was frustrated and exhausted. It was clear that Ivan didn’t want to be in care. At his first team meeting, Ivan was visibly angry. He no longer trusted adults and his behaviors, triggered by years of trauma, had become giant barriers to his ability to connect with others. The team worked to make sure that Ivan and his foster parents had a good safety plan in place while they supported Ivan in overcoming his circumstances. Ivan was always encouraged to share his thoughts, questions and needs, and he was good at speaking up. The challenge for Ivan was his delivery. Ivan was matched with an FCNI counselor who helped him learn how he could express himself without creating walls between himself and others. And he also started meeting with a mental health therapist. Through the course of therapy and with help from his FCNI counselor, Ivan informed his team that he no longer wanted to try to be part of a family—he was ready to live independently. Ivan’s team fully supported his request, and together with his Social Worker, they developed a plan which included Ivan remaining with his current Shelter family longer while he prepared to enter into FCNI’s Transitional Age Youth housing program. When he was ready, Ivan would move into his own apartment with a Residential Advisor and begin learning essential life skills. While unorthodox, the plan worked for Ivan. He thrived under the idea that he no longer had to “fit into a family,” but could work towards his own independence. While Ivan’s road didn’t get any easier, he did take more control over it. Getting to remain in the safety net of his shelter home was critical to Ivan’s success. And the family eventually developed a close relationship, one that they knew they’d keep for life. With renewed hope, Ivan moved into his first apartment, where he’ll have his own room and his own space to become the person he wants to be. 2017-2018 Outcomes Children/Youth Served 18 Total Placement Days 8,894 Successful Placement Days 100% 2017-2018 Outcomes Children/Youth Served 128 Total Placement Days 1,765 Successful Placement Days 58% 12