housing support program (HSP) In Partnership with the Department of Social Services, HSP was launched in 2015 to end homelessness for families in SLO County. Through the County’s support, FCNI purchased two apartment complexes to provide affordable housing for homeless families, or those at-risk of becoming so. Program participants are provided necessarycasemanagementservices for life skills development, one-on- one guidance, work group classes and community linkage to ensure their successful transition to self- sufficiency post care. To date, we’ve served 590 families in HSP with a total success rate of 77%. Program success is based on: • Diversion from a more restrictive placement • Family and housing stability bringing families home(BFH) Launched in SLO County in 2017 in partnership with SLO County Department of Social Services, the purpose of the program is to reduce the number of youth in the foster care system by connecting homeless families with affordable and stable housing, as a lack of safe housing is the greatest barrier to family reunification. Forfiscalyear2017-2018,FCNIserved 56 families in BFH with a success rate of 88%. Program success is based on: • Diversion of youth from a more restrictive placement • Family and housing stability trevor Trevor never imagined calling his car “home.” But for him, his son and daughter, living in their family car became their only option. Even though Trevor was employed, his rent had been raised twice in the last year. With stagnant wages, it was impossible for Trevor to meet his landlord’s increasing demands. Trevor didn’t want to completely displace his children, moving them away from their school and friends, and he couldn’t leave his only source of income. Knowing no other options, Trevor was forced to move into his car so he could keep his family together. Through a concerned friend, Trevor was connected with his local Department of Social Services who then referred him to the Housing Support Program. Once Trevor sat down with his HSP team, he expressed his many fears—he had no home, mounting debt and no light at the end of a long, discouraging tunnel. His team knew he was committed to his children and their safety; he just needed help to tackle one obstacle at a time. HSP mapped out goals with Trevor, noting that the immediate need was to get he and his children into safe housing. Once there, then Trevor could focus on other goals. Trevor and his kids were placed in HSP housing with rental subsidies that would help them save money. Trevor and his worker also walked through his credit profile, and identified areas that needed immediate attention. HSP helped him pay off the more problematic debts. Trevor then started participating in HSP workshops aimed at credit repair and budgeting. Understanding how a budget would help him tighten up his spending habits was life changing for Trevor—he finally saw how to make his money last longer. Trevor was also supported in his efforts to find a better paying job, something he never even thought possible. With workers to help him role play interviews with prospective employers and landlords, Trevor was acquiring new and necessary skills. Six months into his time in HSP, Trevor felt like a new person. While long term housing was still an objective, Trevor had been able to establish a liveable budget for his family, start a savings account and recover his credit some—putting him in a much better position. He was also in the midst of interviewing for a better job with the state. Without HSP, Trevor knows that he wouldn’t have learned the skills or gained the confidence to accomplish any of these goals. While Trevor had the heart, his HSP Team had the knowledge. Now, Trevor feels invincible knowing he has both! 2017-2018 Outcomes Families Served 230 Total Program Days 57,221 Successful Program Days 70% 20