ellis At 18, Ellis’ foster parents asked him to move out of state with them, but the idea of moving caused him gripping panic attacks. Ellis suffered from PTSD due to past trauma which triggered severe anxiety. In looking at his options, Ellis decided to move into THP+, a housing program that would help him learn better life skills, as well as give him continued support for his mental wellbeing. Adulthood was terrifying to Ellis. While a very successful student in high school, Ellis lacked the self- confidence and skills he needed to progress in life. When asked by his THP+ team what goals he had for himself, Ellis was paralyzed by panic. To him, everything unknown was scary. Once Ellis settled into a two-bedroom apartment with his college-age Residential Advisor, Max, he started to relax a little having his own space. And to Ellis’ surprise, he and Max found they had a lot in common, including favorite video games and TV shows. The more time they spent together, the more Ellis found himself feeling accepted and supported by Max in ways he hadn’t before. Ellis’ team consistently encouraged his healing and growth. His worker spent a lot of one-on-one time with him, helping him learn to do laundry, cook and balance his checking account. All of these tasks were new to Ellis, so it took time for him to feel comfortable doing them. He then felt ready to learn how to drive and get a part-time job. Each new skills Ellis learned equaled another conquered fear. But as much as he was enjoying his successes, his PTSD still impacted him and slowed down his progress. Ellis asked his team for more help with his mental health. He needed help working through his past trauma so he no longer felt held captive by it. With his team’s help, Ellis started on a combination of therapy and medication which opened up new possibilities for him. THP+ was a perfect fit for Ellis. It gave him a safe place from which he could grow and learn without the constant risk of failure. With increased self-confidence, Ellis set his sights on becoming a teacher. Ellis saw the profession as a chance for him to give back the support that he had received—to work with teens like himself who struggled in life but had a lot to offer if only someone believed in them. He wanted to encourage others to grow, just as THP+ and Max had encouraged him. 22