education Support Services We’ve been providing Education Support Services to every school- age child placed with us in any of our Foster Care programs, Transitional Housing Support Services and Wraparound program in SLO County since 1990. Working in collaboration with our community partners, the goals of the agency’s Educational Services include: • Academic assessment testing • Educational planning • Advocacy and special education support • Caregiver and staff training • Vocational testing and guidance • Tutor assistance • College planning and financial aid guidance a tutor’s story My tutor story is a little different from the normal. As a volunteer with FCNI, I really wanted to spend my time with young parents. Knowing this, I was matched with a young lady who had recently given birth and also had a preschooler. Tutoring her would be different than past experiences, as she didn’t need help in school, but rather she needed my help passing her Citizenship Exam! She had been working toward her goal of citizenship for a year, and when she finally received her test date, it was only a month away. Having two little ones, studying for the test had not been high on her priority list, so she knew she needed help. The young lady requested tutoring support, and we scheduled an hour and a half long tutoring session twice a week for the four weeks leading up to her exam. She worked very hard to study all 100 sample questions they gave her which would help her prepare for the 10 question test. She was very good at expressing her needs and potential difficulties to me, sharing that her newborn was not sleeping well so she was tired or that her preschooler needed more of her attention. She shared that she suffered from dyscalculia and had been out of school for several years. We decided to limit the length of her tutoring sessions and her FCNI team provided her with childcare support during her tutoring sessions, both of which helped her to focus longer and more easily. She was extremely motivated, and at first she was able to answer 60 questions without hesitation. By the time her test date rolled around, she could answer 90 questions without second-guessing her answers, and all 100 questions correctly when she took a moment before answering. She was ready to go! To her happy amazement, she passed her test! Her future goals are now focused on securing housing, better employment and continuing her education. I am so thankful for my part in her success. Because of FCNI, this young lady was able to have all of her needs met so that she could work hard and achieve her goal of gaining citizenship! 2017-2018 Outcomes Children/Youth Served 79 Volunteer Tutors 12 Volunteer Tutors Hours Spent Working with Children/Youth 251 Children/Youth Matched with a Volunteer Tutor 17 26