As stated in our mission, the agency is committed to partnering with our local community to provide services to our children, youth and families. The two teams within our Community Resources Development division work to connect individuals, businesses and organizations in unique and significant ways to those impacted by trauma in our community. Primary program funding sources are often very limited in scope and do not give us the ability to fully meet the needs of the youth and families we serve. Therefore, we have developed two teams—the Community Engagement Team and the Resources Engagement Team, who are focused on reaching out and partnering with our community in unique ways. The Community Engagement Team focuses on connecting individuals, businesses and/or organizations to our mission through different volunteer opportunities, such as being a mentor, intern, tutor, career mentor, administrative volunteer and/or education navigator. And our Resources Engagement Team focuses on expanding community awareness, advocacy and support through individual relationships, committee development, and awareness campaigns and events, helping us acquire additional support, funding and resources to fully meet the extensive needs of those in our care and provide fiscal longevity to our agency. community resources development Goals of Services • Create and expand linkage between youth and families in care with our community • Develop resources to meet needs which are not covered by primary funding sources • Serve as a conduit for individuals and organizations to become positively involved in the lives of our local children, youth and families, and advocate on their behalf • Establish alternative revenue sources which will allow for us to expand and develop new programs and establish fiscal longevity without relying on public funding 27