The Family Care Network now has FY 2017/2018 in the books, and is moving forward into 2018/2019 with great appreciation for the hard work that was done leading into another year of fantastic positive outcomes for our children, youth and families. My message for the new fiscal year is simply, let us Come Together as a community to forge a new path forward to positively impact the lives of children, youth and families on the Central Coast, greater than we have previously done. This request, I know, is a tall order—especially knowing how wonderfully involved the community has been with Family Care Network over the years; significantly adding value to the services we deliver. But I am a firm believer that we can—and must—continually strive to make improvements and never be satisfied with the status quo. Remember, the Family Care Network’s mission: “to enhance the wellbeing of children and families in partnership with our community!” Let us Come Together to “Be4Kids” and “BetheDifference” as never before. Here’s how: Mobilizing Greater Participation at all levels of Family Care Network activity within our community. We are “ripe with opportunity” to serve in so many ways. • We offer wonderful career opportunities • There are always plenty of children and youth who need strong, committed Foster Parents to help them heal from trauma • We provide several pathways to work with a child, youth or young adult as a mentor, tutor, job coach or education navigator • We are always in need of individuals or groups to help with and at our events, around the office, or with projects which benefit families • We need individuals to serve as “Ambassadors,” carrying the Family Care Network message into the community to educate them about our organization, those in our care, our successes and encouraging their involvement. You can help expand the NETWORK, in the Family Care Network! from our ceo 2