Solving Problems is an organizational strength and part of our reputation, locally and statewide. As social and community challenges are identified, Family Care Network loves to mobilize community individuals from across our communities to create “think-tank” summits to create solutions. We have experienced and benefitted from the power of synergy, innovation, creativity and the collective genius of community groups to create solutions to our local problems; not waiting for or being dependent upon government solutions! Family Care Network is committed to bringing people together to make a better, healthier community for everyone. Creating Resources is a critical element in providing success and positively impacting our communities. Effective programs and services cost money. We have been fortunate to secure public funding to underwrite a portion of our efforts, but this funding does not cover all of our costs, and we must not be dependent on diminishing or limited public funding when caring for those who are the most vulnerable in our community. The Family Care Network is about the Community Coming Together to take care of our local children, youth and families by financially supporting our services to ensure that every need is being properly met. With an outstanding, 31-year track record, the Family Care Network is an excellent investment opportunity! Donors can have the confidence in knowing that their funds are being used precisely as expected, that the organization maintains impeccable fiscal management procedures, that we are very cost effective (especially compared to public services); and that our administrative expenses are less than 13%. Your donations definitely enhance the wellbeing of children and families. Family Care Network is a Community-Based Model Program. The agency has been recognized at the state and federal level for its innovative programs, successes and leadership in effectively serving children, youth and families, and its broad- based collaboration. A cornerstone to our success is our Community Integration, a model Community-Based program. Organizations throughout the state have traveled to the Family Care Network to learn of our operations and practices in hopes of replicating them within their geographic region. We heartily encourage more individuals, groups and organizations to join us in serving children, youth and families on the Central Coast. Let’s continue to Come Together to “Be4Kids” and “BetheDifference!” This annual report exemplifies the positive impact we make in our community when we work together to make a better life for kids and families. Unfortunately, there continues to be tremendous need, childhood trauma, family stress, homelessness, and mental/emotional health challenges. Nonetheless, by Coming Together as a community, many lives will continue to be positively impacted. Thank you for reading this report. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to “Be4Kids” and “BetheDifference!” 3