All agency programs averaged about a 93% success rate. Most of the agency’s expenditures went to direct client services, with the agency spending less than 13% on administrative costs. In FCNI’s Foster Care programs, the majority of children served secured permanency, with 26% of children being discharged to parents, family or kin and another 4% being adopted or moved to guardianship. Another 5% were discharged to a supportive housing/services program; and 64% were successfully stabilized and transferred to a lower level of care. Paid and unpaid staff at Family Care Network accrued a total of 14,361 training hours, working to continually enhance services to children, youth and families in our care. 534 volunteer mentors and tutors, and other volunteers worked almost 3,000 hours during the year by either working directly with clients, at events or by helping around the office. A main objective of FCNI is to improve the independent living skills of our Transitional Age Youth, helping them to become successfully self-sufficient. In 2017/18, our Independent Living Program saw 100% of our 14-15 year olds and 81% of our 16-17 year olds attending an academic program, with 85% of 18 to 21 year olds having already earned a High School diploma (or equivalent). Additionally, 88% of youth in our Transitional Housing Placement Program for Non-Minor Dependents and 100% of youth in our Transitional Housing Placement Plus program were discharged to Independent Living. 2017-2018 year in review The Family Care Network celebrates 30 years The Family Care Network served 2,021 Wraparound 131 Emergency Shelter Care 87 Foster Care 18 Intensive Services Foster Care 13 Wraparound Foster Care 11 Transitional Age Youth Housing Programs 101 Housing Support Program 230 Therapeutic Behavioral Services 51 In-Home Behavioral Services 105 Therapeutic Family Care 37 Mental Health Services Act 42 School-Based Mental Health 113 Coastal Valley Academy 24 Outpatient Counseling 13 Mentor/Tutor Program 57 Education Support Services 931 Adoptions 1 Bringing Families Home 56 executive team Jim Roberts Chief Executive Officer Jon Nibbio Chief Operational Officer Bobbie Boyer Chief Financial Officer Ralph Perez Director of IT & Facilities Julianna White Director of Human Resources Sarah Davenport Director of Corporate Affairs board of directors As of June 30, 2017 Shay Peck Chair Cameron Ingalls Vice Chair Richard Foster Treasurer Ann Becker Secretary Jim Roberts Chief Executive Officer Kim Oldfield Dan Rowe Brian Tietje Craig Gill clients served by program 5