leadership & management practices The Family Care Network relies on strong, vision-driven leadership, coupled with excellent, detail oriented management to move the organization forward and fulfill its mission. Basically, we lead people and manage activities. A cornerstone of our leadership philosophy is to promote innovation, new strategies and creativity. Employees are encouragedtosharenewideasaboutpracticeimprovement, esprit de corps, or anything that will help the organization better serve its children, youth and families. Synergy is another element of our leadership style. We strongly believe in the value of capitalizing on the collective genius of the group process. All decision-making within the agency is based on a team-driven, collaborative process. The Family Care Network puts this collaborative process to work on a number of levels. First, our Board of Directors’ meetings integrate both Directors and key staff; and sometimes include line staff and consumers. Second, the agency’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) meet on a weekly basis to address urgent, mission-critical issues and activities. Third, we have an Executive Team of division directors which also meets weekly. Fourth, there is a weekly meeting of all the executive, management and supervisorial personnel. And finally, there are regular and frequent department/unit meetings, treatment teams, case debriefing meetings, et cetera, to ensure good communication and information sharing across the agency. strategic & quality improvement planning At the Family Care Network, we firmly believe in and live by the statement: “The best way to predict the future is to create it!” Strategic Planning is well embedded into the fabric of this organization. Since our beginning, the organization has had a rolling strategic plan. We annually update this plan with new short and long-term objectives created within five categories based on the acronym SERVE. Superior Programs, Excellent Tools, Reputation of Integrity, Value People and Eye on the Future. This plan serves as our roadmap to the future and frames all of our major activities, and it is developed and monitored through a very inclusive, collaborative process. Another axiom embraced by our organization is: “Accountability breeds response-ability!” As a publicly funded agency, we want to be transparent and accountable, and to make sure we are performing at the highest level of excellence. In our pursuit of accountability and high performance, the Family Care Network has implemented a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan. Practically speaking, we measure everything we can, ranging from specific program performance, to financial performance, to staff training, to IT and facility performance. Our annually updated CQI is not only the tool for measuring and reporting performance, but it serves as a catalyst for “response-ability.” Our CQI tells us where we are doing great, and where we need to do better; it is the trigger for actionable practice improvement. The results of our CQI process are reported every year in our Annual Report. agency structure Our Planning, Accountability and Reporting efforts provide: n A roadmap for the organization n A window into our organization for our funders, partners and the public at large n A baseline for agency evaluation and growth n Benchmarks for evaluating the performance of administrators, managers and supervisors n A history of our performance and accomplishment 6