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He Actually Listened: A “From the Field” Story

McKenna Murray, FCNI Staff
December, 11, 2019 -

I started working with an 8-year-old Diego* and his family to address some of his more difficult behaviors, including his anger, defiance and aggression towards others. He frequently yelled at his parents and could become physical with the kids at school. When I started working with him in his home, one minute we would be playing basketball and laughing, and then the next minute Diego would be throwing gravel in his sibling’s face after she accidentally bumped into him. As a result, my time with him often felt like I was walking around a minefield.

The Family Care–Connection

Jim Roberts
September, 8, 2014 -

About twenty six years ago, a group of us sat around discussing how we should be telling our story and communicating better to our foster families and community. Mind you, two plus decades of technology evolution seems like a century – so back then the newsletter was the avant-garde communications tool! Voila, the “Family Care-Connection” was born. And, this was to be no ordinary newsletter; this was to become a tapestry of creativity, with information artfully woven into an entertaining monthly masterpiece. The results were rather amazing, definitely overwhelming and costly, but also really fun and effective. This newsletter turned into a mini-magazine, replete with information such as:

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