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The Practice of Caring

A Discussion on Social Justice
Jim Roberts
September, 1, 2021 -

All of us at the Family Care Network are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to provide for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of our most vulnerable populations: victims of neglect, abuse, and social injustice through our Practice of Caring–Social Justice at work. Working hand-in-hand with direct treatment services, delivered through multiple programs, is our passion and commitment to Prevention Services. Effective Social Justice is the prevention of neglect, abuse and injustice.  Read the 6th edition of "The Practice of Caring" to learn more about how we work to break the "cycle of trauma". 

The Practice of Caring–Part 5

A Discussion on Social Justice
Jim Roberts, CEO/Founder
August, 25, 2021 -

Homelessness has become a major social problem in every major US city, but also in many smaller, even rural areas; even here on the Central Coast. The youth we serve are the most at-risk of becoming homeless and FCNI works hard to provide housing accommodations to children, families, and youth in our care. CEO Jim Roberts, continues his discussion on Social Justice through the Family Care Network’s Practice of Caring as he breaks down the the treatment and skills necessary for the children, youth and families in our care to overcome all obstacles that might prevent them from living healthy, safe and productive lives. 

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