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Mental Health and Mental Illness: Is there a Difference?

Joel Roberts
October, 23, 2019 -

I was catching up with a friend one day, and as we talked he explained how things were pretty rough for him at the moment. At some point, he made the observation that he didn’t know how to approach some of his internal struggles because he didn’t know how to define what were mental health issues and what was related to mental illness. Basically, he was confused about how to talk about mental health because he didn’t know where mental illness fit in.


Society's Black Eye
Jim Roberts
October, 5, 2015 -

The potential for cruelty embedded within human nature is repulsive, especially when someone is perceived as being “different.” You need to venture no further than the schoolyard to see this concept manifested. Children can be brutal in their treatment of other children who they perceive as “deviating from the norm.” Teasing, taunting, bullying and outright physical aggression occurs far too often, resulting in serious trauma and emotional damage.

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