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Revisiting California’s “Continuum of Care Reform” Initiative

Jim Roberts, CEO/Founder
September, 25, 2019 -

Three+ years ago I wrote an article published by The Chronicle for Social Change, entitled “California’s Continuum of Care Reform – Will It Produce as Promised?” Fast forward to today--has CCR produced as promised? Remember that the goal of CCR was to reduce group home placements by shifting foster youth to family-based services. There have been some modest accomplishments, but from my perspective, there is a long way to go to really achieve success!

FCNI Celebrates 25 Years of Serving the Central Coast Community!

August, 14, 2012 -

August marks the 25th year that the Family Care Network has been serving foster and high-needs children, youth and families in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Since our inception, FCNI has achieved many amazing outcomes, established vital community partnerships and worked diligently towards achieving our mission of enhancing the lives of children and families we serve. As we look back on these last 25 years, we do with a deep sense of accomplishment, but also a tremendous sense of gratitude to thousands of community members who have helped along the way.

25 Years

Jim Roberts
August, 14, 2012 -

Several people have asked me recently "did you ever imagine Family Care Network being what it is today?" That is a harder question to answer than you might imagine; and one I hadn’t really thought about before. No. Well, maybe yes…kind of? I’m not really sure! On one hand, absolutely not – there is no way I would have foreseen the Family Care Network as it exists today. On the other hand, I had a dream, a passion and an idea of what could possibly be.

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