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Light out of Darkness

Jim Roberts, CEO
May, 31, 2016 -

Prison is no place anyone would want to be; restricting, dark, unsafe and punitive. It is a place we isolate a segment of our society whose conduct prevents them from remaining within the larger population; individuals who have, to one degree or another, hurt others. It is a place where one’s independence and self-worth is stripped away and replaced with total subjugation and control. The word “prison” usually conjures up very negative imagery: bad people, horrible environment, survival of the fittest; where people leave more sophisticated and evil than when they arrived. 

But this isn’t always the case.

Real Life Impact…

Jim Roberts
September, 22, 2014 -

It’s hard to think about, but I have been working with Foster Families for over 40 years. It goes without saying, this is a group of individuals that I hold in the highest esteem because each one of them has made an indelible, positive impact on the life of a foster child. I have found no better, no more consistent example of sacrificial-giving and life-changing impact than what is accomplished by foster parenting. It is a real labor of love.

Memorial Day

Jim Roberts
May, 23, 2014 -

Memorial Day is an excellent reminder that nothing is accomplished without sacrifice. Obviously, there is no greater sacrifice than giving one’s life for our country; but this day should also serve as a reminder to honor the tens of thousands of unsung heroes who sacrifice day in and day out to make life better for others; folks whose lives come, pass by and fade away; while there impact and contributions live on and on.

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