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Jim Roberts, CEO
June, 28, 2018 -

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Best Selling Author – Joel A. Barker.

I’ve always found it rather interesting how many people just live in the “here and now,” with little foresight or thought about the future. How sad to see folks just trudge along, day after day, without a sense of anticipation, aspirations, and no remarkable pursuits – no VISION! That is not living, that’s drudgery.

Celebrating FCNI’s 30 Years

A Resource Parent Looks Back
Susan Jones, FCNI Resource Parent
January, 10, 2017 -

It’s hard to believe that Family Care Network is celebrating 30 years of enhancing the “wellbeing of children and families in partnership with our Community.”  I became a certified foster parent with Family Care Network 27 years ago when the agency was only three years old. I knew I had found the perfect agency to support me in being a Resource Parent when I learned that the very first training was all about communication and creating effective, genuine relationships.

As I think about the many years I have been a Resource Parent with FCNI, I am lead to express my thanks.

Family Care Network’s Wellness Garden

The benefits of a community garden
Bobbie Boyer, CFO
March, 30, 2015

Since inception, the Family Care Network has utilized an annual collaborative strategic planning process. This process becomes the foundation for the development of our Annual Strategic Plan, which FCNI’s short and long term goals.  This process gets kicked-off with an annual all-day, all-staff strategic planning meeting, where various workgroups of staff, Board members , volunteers and other agency partners openly discuss current priority topics as well as dream up big ideas for FCNI’s future.

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